Monday, January 12, 2015

Candles in the winter

Have I told you about the other new inhabitant, apart from the plastic
and metal fox and the special sticks?
It is a massive bicycle, if you wish, apart from the very interesting
fact that it doesn't move, however hard or fast the humans may pedal!
That is really strange! I only know the bicycle of Lena's or Suse's,
where I can run along as they are rolling through the city. But this one
is standing in the bedroom, and it certainly does not move, whatsoever!
Means it is an extremely boring device. Chris says she likes it, and Mr
Sun says he likes it a lot! And Chris says that that is the most
important thing. The cable should connect to electricity, but I have no
idea why. Because if the bicycle is on a leash, it certainly has no
chance to move! Strange, strange! Okay the, if Mr Sun has fun, then it
must be a good human invention.

Generally, I have to tell you that both Chris and I love Mr Sun. He
always kisses her when we come home from work, and when I haven't been
undressed, he does so, plays with me and is silly with me. He sometimes
lets me jump, and I can already wake him up when he closes his eyes. He
is the nicest Mr Sun ever, very caring for both of us, and I am not
jealous when he hides with Chris. I am, in fact, happy whenever we come
home and I can see him. He is very cheerful, and Chris is very happy to
have him around. Since he has been there, we have been travelling much
more, visiting more events and places, going to the city more often -
it's more fun with him around! Mr Sun, you've got to stay with us!
Promise! And if not, I will just block your way, that's that!
Have a good candle time everybody,

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Woofs again!

Part three, yu see!
Are you bored already? If not, I'll tell you more stories!
One day we all visited Micki, and Suse and Lena and the baby. I didn't
get to see the baby much, he was always out of my reach. But I was
surely happy to see Suse! And at one point Chris and Mr Sun went away
without me, they say they were at the dentist's, where somebody looks at
their teeth. What for, when they don't bite and crack bones either?
Humans need no sharp teeth! Look at me, I've got to have them for when
Chris gives me bones - yummmmm!
And then we went for a wonderful walk with Suse and the baby - that was
fantastic. I even saw a little dog who stupidly bit my nose - stupid
silly breakfast snack!
And here's another strange thing we did! We went bowling - the humans
that is! They went rolling heavy, unbitable, unplayable balls along a
small path and tried ambitiously to knock over some obstacles in a
distance. Strange, boring story, but both humans seemed to like it a
lot. Well, who says you have to understand humans? Generally and mostly
they are nice, but they definitely have strange ideas about what's fun
and what not. Romping, barking, playing and licking people's hands and
faces, getting pets and food and sleep, that!s fun! Jumping on Daniel
and lying near Mr Sun for pets, that's fun! Wrestling with Chris and
jumping with Diana, that's fun! Not that stupid ball rolling or cookies
shaping or going to a cold church to lie on the cold floor for an hour!
No fun at all!
For we were at that cold church twice! Once when Micki was praised for
her volunteer work a lot, and once when the story was all about baby
Henrik - no idea what that was all about - I just know that we met very
many people, including Lena and Suse, and Micki, of course!

It is also fun to go to the city with Mr Sun and Chris, finding ways and
listening to them argue about how to get where, and being cheerful with
them once they have found their ways! It relaxes me to lie beside them
as they are eating food! Once we were at somthing called Christmas
market with Micki. The humans looked at little wooden houses where
various things were sold, and Mr Sun got gloves and more to prepare him
for the badly cold winter, which all the four of us aren't very fond of
but cannot avoid. And now every day there are candles burning, and Chris
and Mr Sun always blow them out. That's also nice.
Have a good warm cold time, Quito.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Another catching up

Hey-Hoo, here's part Two!
So what about the special sticks? I considder them competition. Mr Sun
uses his more than Chris, she says she doesn't need one, she has me. Mr
Sun pushes his ahead of him to feel whether there is an obstacle or not.
He says he is mainly pretending to use it, just because the law says
it's better in case of an accident. And Chris sometimes uses hers, just
because she says she wants to play, she has never had a nicer white
stick with a small ball at the tip, probably the only ball I like to
avoid - it doesn't look like I want to play with it, because it doesn't

One week Chris and Daniel on wheels and I were at a hotel, where most of
the people really liked me, one even brought me delicious treats which I
would have liked to always demand from her, but she obeyed to Chris who
tortured me, once I went too crazy. She held the treat in her hand and
on her lap for a very, very long time, until I had decided it was not
for me, nd relaxed. And only then, all of a sudden, it was beside my
head and I could munch on it. I really liked staying at that hotel. I
soon found Daniel's room and the elevator, and one evening Angelique,
the nice lady, came to visit, and once Manu, who is a bit afraid of me
but has agreed that I am not a monster. and Chris always makes sure I
don't bother people that are afraid of me too much.

And one other day we were at a chocolate factory. There the humans went
into a room and sat down, and I lay down, and another lady talked about
chocolate - which is no food for me, either! And then the humans got to
taste various chocolates, and later they got to buy them, too. Micki
loved this excursion very much and I was happy it was warm in the room
and cold only outside.

I suppose I will have to add part three to the catch-up memories, so
stay tuned and keep watching, and you'll read more of my strange
human-bound adventures.
Cheers, Quito.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Here I am - active and well!

Hi all humans and woofs, chaseable cats and other interested and
intelligent creatures,
how's life, and how's winter?

Winter is cruel! I am the loveliest Quito ever and need no cold! I want
medium warm, to romp in the grass and have fun in the water! But not
this terrible, disgusting weather, where Chris needs a glove to hold on
to my harness, wich is very uncomfortable! And wen you have to lie on
the ground to wait somewhere at a streetcar stop, that's unbarable!

Talking about it - this happened to us once! We all went out from home,
took the streetcar, took the train and ended up at another village than
Chris had intended - certainly not at Micki's! And because of her
planning mistake, we had to wait at this forsaken train stop for an
hour! It was not really warm there - thank God it was not raining - but
so boring and so cold! At least Mr Sun played with me and tried to keep
me warm! I think when planning a trip Chris should turn on her brain
before boarding the wrong train! But she says the people were
wonderfully kind and helpful! And in the afternoon she and Mr Sun and
Micki baked cookies, of which I surely got none to try. But they were
all very happy about this activity.

A few times Mr Sun's rehab teacher was visiting, once she brought sticks
of the special kind to him, and once one to her. And once we all went
into a supermarket, where the humans were playing around with some
device that was speaking products to them. And Chris also met another
lady she had met somewhere once before - I have no idea where, but Chris
was very happy about this. And a few weeks later, after a visit to the
doctor who looks into their eyes, those devices moved into our home,
they call them fox, and I don't really know why. To my understanding a
fox is an animal you'd better not meet, but this is nothing to fear, and
surely no meat involved! Chris says she is hapy, for this thing brings
fun to Mr Sun when he puts away the huge grocery.

Allright, I will tell you more later, there's so much to catch up on!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Oh what a week!

Finally finally, I am back!
Nt much to talk about, for sometimes life is just routine and happy
flow, as Chris sometimes calls things at work. She has dg out the food
bag for me to chase and retrieve - wonderful!
One day she left me at home with Mr Sun and went outside on her own. She
took the cane and managed to make it ti the city, where she met sister
Suse, as she told later. But she, fortunately, said that walking with
the cane was much more exhausting than dealing with my own occasional
querks. So I will not be unemployed, nice!
She returned much later with loads of clothes, and of course, I was
really happy to see her back.
Then one day we, Chris and I, went to the city, where we met Micki. We
ended up at the vet's office, where a Doberman lady was constantly
growling at anything that moved around her. I didn't care, and Chris and
Micki laughed at her persistence. When it was my turn I received a
vaccination and my anal glants were expressed - quite a stinker job I
suppose, but Chris says it has to be.

And yet another day all of the three of us left the apartment and went
to the train station, where we met Micki. I spotted her first. Then we
bought train tickets, the humans had breakfast, and then we took a train
to a place caled Schwerin, our federal state's capital, There first we
walked along a shopping street, and then Mr Sun bought a bag, and then
we went on a boat, which the humans all liked very much. I didn't care,
I slept under the table and waited until it was time to leave. Then we
sat in a garden with nice high trees, and the humans had cake and
coffee, and I had water. Micki had brought the cake and Chris the cofee.
Finally we all walked around the park, and at one point Mr Sun took me
in harness. He gave me back to Chris son, walking with her is surely
better, but I did walk with him without any objection. Finally we went
int the big old building called the castle, where we walked from room to
room, Mr Sun listened to talking on a headset, and a lady permitted
Chris and him to touch a few things. And when we were finally outside
gain, the humans had more coffee and cake, and then we walked and walked
and walked along the streets, until we found the train station and took
the train back.
Oh was I tired when we returned. Fortunately, yesterday was sleeping
day, so now I am ready to go to work and throw my tongue at all the nice
people I meet!
Byebye, Quito.

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Alive and kicking

Hi all you nvisibles out there,
how are you?
We all are fine, and Chris enjoyed the last glimpse of summer most of
us, I suppose.
Did you think we were lazy? Certeinly we were not!
One morning we had to go to the foreigher's administration to get Mr
Sun's official ID card, then once we had to go the friendly ladies one
of whom checks Chris', and now also Mr Sun's eyes, because he wants to
request another ID card which says that he is blind. Can he then also
get a dog? Would be fun, maybe, so I'd have somebody to play and boss! Yay!
Finally Chris and I went to the place where she learns a lot and I sleep
a lot, which she calls a seminar. We had to go to a hotel where I pretty
much know my way, and there we met very many friendly people who played
with me and went for walks with us. I had a fantastic week, Chris says
she, too.
Then it was back to normal work, except that sister Suse and Lena were
here with a small squeaking thing they call baby human. I didn't like
him when he was noisy, but Suse permitted to look at his feet - that was
surely something.
Chris is very proud, for now she can work with a thing she calls sewing
machine. To me it is another monster that makes noise and somehow deals
with fabric - but more I have no clue about - seems it's nothing for me.
That's all n brief, Chris says she wants the computer while having
coffee, before we run off to work,
cheers for now and good summer day, Quito.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

What a fantastic time!

> Dear everybody,
> you cannot imagine how fantastic it is to be with Mr. Sun!
> We go places, we see Micki, and we even go on trips!
> Last week, for example, we took a train to Berlin together
> with Micki, met the great friend Ute at the station, from
> where we took an underground train. Chris does not like
> them so much, Mr Sun loves them, and I don't mind.
> We got off, and it was really hot! However, we did not stay
> outside for very long, but went into a few buildings,
> finally the humans had to have their bags checked, and then
> we took an elevator upstairs. There Chris received a
> device, which told her many things, and she told them back
> to Micki simultaneously. They both enjoyed that a lot,
> while Mr. Sun walked ahead with Ute. I wanted to catch up
> with them urgently, so we all were together, but Chris made
> me heel and wait and stay with her and bare with the snail
> speed of what she calls the audio guide.
> She says that building is the one in which the parliament
> is located, and she had never seen it before. Then we went
> back into the heat, and Chris took a little cooling shower
> under some artificial rain, which is initiakly set up to
> keep the grass green. I did not like it so much, but she
> made me take a bit of it, too.
> Then we walked a bit through the heat, before Mr Sun payed
> for a boat trip, and we boarded the boat. There, it was
> fairly nice, the humans had tons of ice-cream, and Chris
> had cold coffee, and during all this they received info
> through the speakers, which both Ute and Micki enjoyed a
> lot. After that we went to our hotel - Ute and Pavel racing
> ahead, and we oemaining three following slowly. Chris
> checked us in, and then she said that they were too tired
> to go see the TV tower. So Ute left and took a train home,
> and the three humans and I relaxed, Chris and Micki read
> through the hotel information, and then they discovered the
> aircondition, which they turned on. Then we all went for a
> walk in the early evening's heat and then took supper at
> the excellent restaurant - or so the humans say, for I, of
> course, did not get even the smallest bite. Then Chris and
> Micki took me for another walk, and then we all slept very
> well.
> During the night Micki went to the bathroom, so I got up to
> follow her, lay down in front of the bathroom, and then
> escorted her back to her bed when she came out. The next
> morning was as warm as the previous day, the humans went
> and had a long breakfast, and they were halped by a nice
> lady, who brought Mr Sun his food, so Micki did not have to
> carry everything.
> Then we took a train, got off and met great Ute and her
> equally wonderful husband. The humans got ready to take a
> swim in the lake, only Micki and the husband stayed
> outside, but Micki played with me and threw a stick into
> the water for me. That was certainly fun! Then we went back
> home, the humans had lunch and I rested, they talked, and
> eventuakly Chris took a cold shower in the garden.
> Then we all went home, and poor Chris was so so tired! She
> tried to sleep, but she did not find the right position!
> They all say that the weekend was good, and I suppose they
> all went to sleep very early, myself included.
> The weekend aefore that friend Bianka was visiting, and it
> was Chris strange birthday again. We had to go to work, but
> when we returned the humans had a gread dessert, and the
> next day Mr. Sun gave her some wonderful jewelry. Friend
> Bianka again returned in the middle of this past week, this
> time accompanied by her mom and another friend. That friend
> is wonderful, she let me wash her face and played with me,
> gave me millions of pets and cuddles.
> Talking about it: I really love Mr. Sun. When he goes
> outside for the walk with us, we play run and chase, and it
> is loads of fun. Even he laughs when I perform a fast run
> or high jump, and Chris serves as leash co-ordinator - fine
> with me!
> Allright, is this exhausting enough? Mr. Sun also had a
> visitor, a lady who co-ordinates his training, so he can
> walk safely in the city without Chris and me, and they will
> have to do something else to get such a blindness ID as
> Chris has.
> Allright, I will go to sleep - I already had a good chew on
> a huge bone, licks and yawns, Quito.